Ride your ATV worry-free. With Florey Insurance Agency, you can get free ATV insurance quotes and advice that will help you find a policy that’s right for you. Call (570)-587-2615 for a quote.

In addition to free ATV insurance quotes, we have a company that provides specialized coverage and other benefits you might not get if you insure your ATV on your homeowners policy, such as:

  • Liability limits up to $500,000 (CSL) — higher than limits generally set by homeowner’s insurance
  • Recreational use and off-premises coverage of your ATV
  • ATV custom parts and equipment coverage
  • Superior claims service for ATVs

Homeowners policies often provide only minimal coverage for ATVs. Get peace of mind by talking with an ATV insurance agent who can provide free ATV insurance quotes and guide you on the type of policy that will properly cover you and your ATV.

You may qualify for additional discounts if you own more than one ATV or have a safe driving record. Contact your independent ATV insurance agent for an ATV insurance quote and help customizing your policy.

Why isn’t my homeowner’s policy a good place to insure my ATV?

The typical homeowners policy provides only minimal ATV coverage. And if you take your ATV off your property to camp, hunt or ride, it may not cover you at all. Your ATV insurance agent can help ensure you get the coverage you need.

How can I keep my ATV insurance rates low?

Several factors affect your ATV insurance rates. While you can’t control all of the factors that apply to you, there are a few things you can do:

  • Get ATV insurance quotes – Shop around. Florey Insurance provides free ATV insurance quotes that will help you compare rates.
  • Ride Your ATV Carefully — Maintaining a clean driving record and avoiding accidents can help keep your ATV insurance rates low.
  • Choose Your ATV Carefully — ATVs with larger displacement engines, as well as those that are considered more aggressive machines, typically cost more to insure based on the history of claims for those vehicles.
  • Insure all of your ATVs — We have a company that offers discounts on policies with two or more ATVs.